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10,000 Steps Begins with the First One

Posted on 07-21-2017

Being overweight or obese is quickly rising to the top of the list of preventable health risks, soon to possibly pass smoking.  New research has also linking obesity to the higher risk of cancer ...

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How to Naturally Deal with Allergies

Posted on 04-14-2017

How to Deal Naturally with Allergies As the season changes from cold to warm weather, statistically more than 26 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies: Confirm it’s allergies.&n...

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This Condition Will Effect 1 Out of 7 People This Year, Could You Be One of Them?

Posted on 10-28-2015

Losing weight and getting into shape seem to be on just about everyone's wish list.  These are certainly good healthy goals.  But how many of  us give much consideration to those im...

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Special Report - What You Should Know If You Have Been Involved In A Car Accident

Posted on 06-17-2014

If you have been involved in a car accident there are so many things you are worried about and dealing with that you often overlook injuries, especially if they are not obvious or critical.  Unfo...

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Heart Attack or Pinched Nerve?

Posted on 02-25-2014

I recently had a conversation with an out-of-state friend who related the following:  "I was thinking about calling you a couple months ago.  I had this horrible pain down my left arm a...

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Are Your Heartburn Medications Killing You

Posted on 02-13-2014

If you're suffering from heartburn, acid reflux and other digestive problems, you're not alone.  Nearly 100 million Americans have digestive problems, and they account for 37 million doct...

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What Are the Benefits of Walking?

Posted on 01-07-2014

There are at least 15 benefits to walking.  Can you name 4? For most of us walking is simply a way to get around and, unfortunately, we use walking less and less as a mode of transportation an...

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Can Food Alone Nourish Your Body?

Posted on 11-12-2013

Can Food Alone Nourish Your Body? In most cases, the answer is simply "NO". Over processed foods and today's modern farming methods that favor yield over value have decreased ...

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Whole Health has greatly improved my quality of life! My MS symptoms have diminished significantly. Dr. Alexander truly cares about helping you feel well and living your best life. The staff is wonderful too! If you are looking for a healthy alternative to overcome any health situation.

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