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Structural Rejuvenation

What is Structural Rejuvenation?

This is the process of restoring, as much as possible, full function and range of motion to your body's structure, ie. your spine and joints.

Statistically, by the time we are 13 years old, the average person has experienced over 1,000 traumas to their body. These include falls, accidents, sports injuries, contact sports, etc. All of these impact the bones and joints. Consider that there are 137 joints in the spine alone. When you add in all the major joints, like the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, wrists and ankles as well as all of the smaller joints that make up the face, the hands and the feet, there are many, many places that can be jostled and propelled out of place. When these joints are not functioning or moving properly it can lead to inflammation. Overtime improperly and inflammed joints can lead to arthritis. To avoid this painful condition it is important to begin structural rejuvenation.

Your "structure" can become stiff, painful, weakened, etc. due to many of life's events, both large and small. Some of the most common causes of structural problems are listed below:

  • Accidents, bumps, falls, strains, pulled muscles, etc., all of which cause trauma, large and small, to our structural frame. These traumas, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can knock your vertebrae and joints just slightly out of place.
  • When muscles are strained they can contract or expand and because they are attached to your bones, they can also pull your bones and joint out of their optimal alignment.
  • Leading a sedentary life style leads to weakened muscles in various part of the body. Again, because the muscles attach to your bones and joints and help to keep them in place, if the muscles are weak they may not adequated hold your bones and joints in their proper setting.
  • Over exertion or lifting heavy loads puts pressure on your spine and joints. This pressure can result in immediate injury which is recognized by the pain it causes or can cause damage over time.

If your spine and joints, your structure, are out of place, over time you may start to feel stiff and 'old before your time'. Also, if the bones are out of alignment they may be causing harm to your organs and nerves. Review the 3-D spine below to see how movement of your vertebrae can affect your whole body.

The process of structural rejuvenation moves all of your bones and joints back to their original intended position and helps you to lead a more active, pain-free life.

 3D Spine Simulator

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